Here at Pink Fish treating the planet with love & respect underpins everything we do. We strive to minimize our footprint, and have made choices to ensure we operate as sustainably as possible. We only use biodegradable packaging, we work hard to reduce waste – and not least; we chose salmon!

The Salmon

The choice of salmon as the star of our menu is our most important sustainability decision. Of all the proteins we could have chosen, salmon is the most sustainable. The carbon footprint per kilo farmed salmon consumed is considerably lower than all comparable meats.

We take our pride in only using suppliers who take their environmental responsibility seriously, and all our salmon is ASC-certified. That means it is produced in accordance with strict sustainability standards set by WWF and the farming industry. Our salmon is only fed with feed free from antibiotics, GMO and palm oil. Our supplier works towards avoiding all use of chemicals to fight lice, and has had great success using natural methods.